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Due to unexpected amount of spam and malicious e-mails, we are forced to discontinue direct messaging facilities. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are interested in our bows or have a question, suggestion, please write to the following e-mail address:



Welcome to Jackal Archery!

Welcome to the homepage of Jackal Archery. Choose from the menu above, we hope you'll find everything you are looking for. If you have any questions, use Contact, we are happy to answer all your questions. YOu can find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Team Jackal Archery

Meet the team:

Nándor Farkas (The Jackal)

Farkas NándorFounder, manager and master bowyer of Jackal Archery. Always ready to listen to new ideas and requests, although his expertise often dismisses some customization wishes that may affect the high quality and performance expectations of his bows. He keeps looking for new ideas to perfect existing models and to create new models from scratch. His principle in creating bows is to keep the traditional form and add the capabilities of modern material and technology. The result is always a lightweight, lightning fast and durable bow.


The name: Jackal Archery

The name, Jackal Archery, refers to the animal, the golden jackal, in other name, Canis Aureus, the golden dog, a.ka. reed wolf. The name, reed wolf translates into nádi farkas in Hungarian, and the name of the founder, manager and bowyer of Jackal Archery, Nándi Farkas. It is difficult to not notice the similarity.

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