Turkish Mini laminated bow

Turkish Mini has been developed for those, who have a shorter draw length, while trying to accommodate those with average draw as well. Especially recommended for those who want speed with shorter draw. It is perfectly usable by those who can not use strong bows because of injuries, lower strength, for example amazon archers or children. This gem of bows really shows the beauty of a Turkish bow while providing the expected high performance of Jackal Archery premium laminated bows.






  • String length: 100 cm - 39.3"
  • Bow length unstrung: 114 cm - 44.8"
  • Bow length strung: 103.5 cm - 45"
  • Recommended minimum - maximum brace height: 17.5 cm - 6.8"
  • Max draw length: 28"
  • Available draw weights: 15 - 35#
Assyrian - Akinji - Turkish Mini
Assyrian - Akinji - Turkish Mini