Team Jackal Archery

Meet the team:

Nándor Farkas (The Jackal)

Farkas NándorFounder, manager and master bowyer of Jackal Archery. Always ready to listen to new ideas and requests, although his expertise often dismisses some customization wishes that may affect the high quality and performance expectations of his bows. He keeps looking for new ideas to perfect existing models and to create new models from scratch. His principle in creating bows is to keep the traditional form and add the capabilities of modern material and technology. The result is always a lightweight, lightning fast and durable bow.

Interesting fact: His friends call him Nándi, short for Nándor. The golden jackal, the animal whose name was adopted for Jackal Archery, is called "nádi farkas" in Hungarian, which is similar to the bowyer's name: Nándi Farkas. More information about the name here.

He creates bows.


Lajos a.k.a. LaliBow

Kovács LajosBowyer, insanely strict quality manager, keen critic of development and serious joker. He takes serious pride in finding the merest aesthetic or technological glitch in literally everything. EVERYTHING. Never mind that the bow in progress is perfect, a fatal error, like a loose shoe lace on you will inevitably attract his ubiquitous attention and trigger his withering sarcasm. When everything is in a perfect state and up to his expectations he makes witty jokes and keeps the spirit up and down. Any spirit that fits in a glass. His friend call him Lali, short for Lajos.

His natural habitat is the workshop.


Zoltan Farmosi (DeWorde)

Farmosi ZoltánA bear-like archer who is capable to tear apart any less-than-perfect bow between 0 and 100 pounds. A thumb release archer who starts finding satisfaction in drawing at least 31 inches, and easily draws 34 inches in Korean style. Ask him to hold a 60 pounder at full draw while you lazily inspect tiller an whatnots. Not much of a bowyer but excels in proving the quality of Jackal Archery bows as a keen and mean, even ruthless Tester of Bows. If a bow can survive his shooting sessions, it was made for eternity. Additionally, one of his profession is interpreting, therefore he is the word of Jackal Archery in the international theater of Jackal Archery's bows. Hence the name The Word. If you speak English, he is the man for you. He also created this website, translated all messages, researched and translated many sources of knowledge to keep the spirit up support development.

He gives the word.