Scythian Trad-Down

The Jackal Scythian Take-Down is a traditional Scythian take-down bow. With shows and tournaments abroad, the need for easy to carry and pack equipment is growing, especially with the insane security measurements at some airports. Take-down bows are not new, but if you are into traditional archery, a traditional take-down, trad-down in other words, is what you are looking for.

The Scythian is a medium sized bow with its string length of 49 inches, but can easily be drawn to 31 inches. The limbs are smoothly and elegantly curved, easy to brace and unbrace and the structure of the limbs and siyahs make the bow hand shock and vibration free. Not as fast as the most modern, high performing, aggressive laminated bows, but its calmness what makes this bow accurate. Classic form meets modern comfort in this bow.