Sarmatian laminated bow

Jackal Archery Sarmatian is a relatively new model, powerful bow with a long draw length. It was designed and built mainly for horse back archers, hence its grip is made to accomodate this style, and there are other minor changes as well. Lightweight and fast bow, easy to brace and handle - not only for horse back archers.


  • String length: 133 cm
  • Length unbraced: 153 cm
  • Length braced: 140 cm
  • Brace height: 21 cm
  • Max draw length: 35 col
  • Material: Ash and fiberglass

Jackal Archery Sarmatian bow review by Ákos Kollár horse back archer:

Video footage of Ákos Kollár horse back archer using Jackal Archery Sarmatian bow: