The name: Jackal Archery

The name, Jackal Archery, refers to the animal, the golden jackal, in other name, Canis Aureus, the golden dog, a.ka. reed wolf. The name, reed wolf translates into nádi farkas in Hungarian, and the name of the founder, manager and bowyer of Jackal Archery, Nándi Farkas. It is difficult to not notice the similarity.

Another name for the golden jackal is toportyán or toportyánféreg in the old Hungarian language. This name was also used to refer to the Akinjis, the light cavalry using hauntingly similar guerilla tactics to the Huns 800-1000 years before them. Akinjis usually advanced before the Ottoman main forces terrorizing and demoralizing the opposing forces before the Ottomans hit them. The Akinjis attacked the enemy, quite adeptly using their bows and arrows, then started running away, keep shooting the enemy in pursuit with their bows backwards, and finally they trapped the enemy who thought they were about the catch and defeat the running Akinjis. The devastation and plunder the Akinjis left was similar to that of the golden jackal when they attacked a farm in packs; therefore Akinjis were also called toportyánféreg.

This is one of the reasons that a Jackal Archery Turkish bow was named Jackal Archery Akinji in some countries -- the all connecting history.

On a side note: The golden jackal has nothing to do with the African black-backed or side-striped jackal, which is famous about its cowardice. In fact, its wittiness, strength and capabilities put the golden jackal between the red fox and the grey wolf - especially since the golden jackal is the close relative of the latter.