How to order

How to order bows from Jackal Archery?

If you are ordering from Germany, South East Asia or Kuwait and the Gulf States, please contact distributors of Jackal Archery bows at the following links: for Germany and West Europe (Facebook page)

Sabil Archery for South East Asia (Facebook page)

Sahms Sports for Kuwait and the Gulf States (Facebook page)

Jackal Archery does not operate a webshop. We accept inquiries through the following channels:

  • Contact page on this website,
  • in e-mail: jackal at jackalarchery dot hu (alternatively: jackalarchery at gmail dot com)
  • on our Facebook page
  • and on Instagram.

Our preferred way is the first one. Please specify the following points in your message:

  • your draw length in inches
  • preferred draw weight, specified at 28 inches or your own draw length,
  • which model you are interested in,
  • which country you are from.

Once we receive your inquiry, we inform you about the availability of your desired bow, possible alternatives, if any, or the time we need to make your bow.

When we agreed on the details (price, date to pay, delivery time, shipping address and cost, etc.), we send you a pro-forma invoice with the payment details.

After the payment cleared, we post your bow, usually with EMS package, send you the tracking number and that's it.