Han laminated historical bow

A strongly recurved Asiatic style symmetric bow resembling a C-shape when unbraced.

History: Han dynasty started ruling 206 B.C. in the ancient China and ruled until 220 A. D. when the dynasty risked everything to purge xiongnus, who had been pillaging the Empire for centuries. This era was the golden age for the ancient China and warriors and hunters fought and hunted with bows of similar design.

One of the advantages of the Han bow is its long draw length, it shows excellent result above 30 inches; although its design allows the archer to perform at least at the level of other laminated historical bows with shorter (28 inches) draw length. It’s long siyahs ensure smoother draw than other bows with shorter siyahs (Turkish, Korean) therefore it is not only a high performing, fast bow, but also gives us a pleasant experience. Works with both Med and thumb releases.

Its speed and aesthetics comes mainly from the smooth curves and graceful siyahs, however, these and the fact that it is highly recurved requires a skilled archer to use it. With proper bracing and unbracing technique, smooth draw and release, this beautiful and exotic bow will serve us for a long time.

Technical details

  • Length unbraced: 61”
  • Length braced: 55”
  • String length: 52”
  • Recommended brace height: 6-6,5”
  • Material: Ash grip and siyahs, wood and fiberglass laminated limbs
  • Warranted draw weights: between 20-50 pounds at 28”
  • Max draw length: 34-35 inches

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Jackal Archery Han braced
Jackal Archery Han unbraced
Jackal Archery Han siyah unbraced
Jackal Archery Han siyah unbraced
Jackal Archery Han siyah braced