Assyrian laminated historical bow

Lightweight and fast laminated bow, easy to brace and unbrace, perfect for even beginners, if you want to start with a high performing bow without some difficulties other bows come with. The Jackal Archery Assyrian can easily reach 200 fps with 10 grain per pounds arrows and proper release technique. The grip and the siyahs are made of ash, the limbs are wood and fiberglass.

String length: 50.7"

Bow length unstrung: 57.4"

Bow length strung: 53.5"

Recommended minimum - maximum brace height: 7.5 - 8.5"

See Armin Hirmer's video review of Jackal Archery Assyrian on Youtube:

32# Jackal Archery Assyrian with 320 grain arrows:

More pictures are coming soon...

Jackal Archery Assyrian Laminated bow