Akinji Turkish Trad-Down laminated bow

The Jackal Turkish Trad-Down is a Turkish style bow with a slightly modified grip to accommodate the bolt that provides smooth and stable position for the two separate parts of the bow. The grip is comfortable and solid, slightly influenced by the grip of Arab style bows. Yes, it is a take-down traditional bow! The idea is not new, only a combination of a reliable, fast and high performing traditional Jackal Archery Akinji bow and the concept of take-down bows. If you ever had difficulties while traveling to a competition, show or a practicing location, this bow is for you. It fits into your bag, quiver, even into your backpack. This bow introduced a wow factor into traditional bow making, check out the Wow factor video below.





Technical specifications of this bow is the same as Jackal Archery Akinji, although the draw weight is currently limited to 40# at 28 inches.

  • Length unbraced: 131.5 cm | 51.7"
  • Length braced: 118.5 cm | 46.6"
  • String length: 115 cm | 45.2"
  • Recommended brace height: 19 cm | 7.5"
  • Warranted draw weights: between 20-40 pounds at 28”
Turkish TradDown braced
Turkish TradDown unbraced
Turkish TradDown in two