Akinji / Short Turkish laminated bow

Akinji, or Akinci in Turkish means Raider, and was a name for the irregular troops (light cavalry) that prepared (disturbed, weakened and demoralized) the enemy in the Ottoman era. They usually preceded the Ottoman forces and continuously disturbed the enemy with their attacks. Their tactics included fast attack and retreat, often leading the enemy in pursuit into a deadly trap while annoying and urging them to continue chasing them by shooting their arrows backwards from horseback. They weren't regular, paid soldiers, they made a living of the pillaging after the battles. Their devastation and destruction was similar to a pack of golden jackals who attacked a farm killing all the cattle, sheep and poultry they could. Both the human and canine versions of them were called the same in Hungarian language: toportyán, or nádi farkas. Jackal Archery's master bowyer and founder, Nándi Farkas designed this bow based on Turkish elements.


Technical specifications

String length: 115 cm
Bow length unstrung: 131.5 cm
Bow length strung: 118.5 cm
Recommended minimum - maximum brace height: 19 cm
Max draw length: 30"

Malta Archery's video review on Akinji Short Sipahi

Jackal Archery Akinji (short Turkish bow)
Jackal Archery Akinjis unbraced
Akinji colors
Akinji ready for shipping
Akinji siyah forest 1
Akinji siyah forest 2